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Free Things to Do on Oahu

Every vacation destination offers plenty of great tours and activities to complete your vacation. Of course, organized tours and activities cost money and when traveling, sometimes we need to find a way to save a few dollars.

Where to Find the Best Views on Oahu

When you visit any of the Hawaiian Islands, you will want to make sure to find the places on your island destination that offer the best views and the most incredible vantage points on the island. In many cases, the places that offer the must see views are roadside lookout points, easy to find and well worth the few minute stop that is necessary to take in the views.

Things to Do on Oahu – A West Side Expedition

If you’ve ever been to Oahu, you can probably envision the sites and scenery of the island. If you’ve never been to the island, you are in for a treat. Oahu is an incredible place to be, live, and visit, offering so many things to do, destinations to visit, and activities to take part in.

Famous Movie Sites on Oahu

You know all of those gorgeous landscapes that you see in movies? Those that seem like a CGI depiction of a far off land, where lush rainforests, tropical weather, stunning beaches, and hidden surprises steal the show? Well, those locations actually exist in real life, and there is a pretty good chance that the far off land you are witnessing is actually the island of Oahu.

Romantic Activities for Your Oahu Honeymoon

Adding a dash of romance to your Oahu honeymoon is a piece of cake. Oahu, and Hawaii in general, screams romance, and throughout your getaway as a newly married couple, you will be immersed in the things that bring you close together, building a vacation that is filled with memories while enjoying a trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Experience Hawaii’s History and Culture

Hawaii’s history and culture is unique to the islands, combining many different ethnicities to create Hawaiian culture. The islands are a melting pot, brining together cultures from Asia, Polynesia, America, and other to create Hawaii, an incredible destination that is isolated way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Save Big on Your Authentic Hawaiian Luau

When it comes to travel and vacation, there is always a great deal of anticipation surrounding the trip and the fun that you are going to have. Every destination around the world features fun things to do that bring the culture and history of the destination front and center, and that certainly holds true in Hawaii.

Vacation Ideas – Oahu Island Hopping Adventures

One of the best things about visiting Oahu is that you have so many adventures and activities at your disposal. The island features so many fun things to do, with fits for all different types of activities, including historic tours, sightseeing, outdoor adventures, fun in the ocean, Oahu luaus, and so much more.

Choosing Your Oahu Luau

Choosing your Oahu luau is one of those decisions you are going to have to make, and as you’re weighing your options, debating on where you want to attend your luau, and which is the best fit for you, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing from the best luaus on the island.

Oahu Sites to See – Diamond Head

Of all Oahu’s sites to see, the most famous of the all is Diamond Head, the extinct volcano that is now a notable landmark, and one of the most famous sites in Hawaii. The iconic crater can be seen from nearly everywhere on Oahu’s Leeward Coast and is featured as the representative of the island in pictures, post cards, magnets, and really anything you can envision.

Famous Oahu Landmarks

As you get to know the island of Oahu, you’ll quickly discover that some of its most famous landmarks are among the most notable in Hawaii. You’ll recognize these sites from the many pictures of Hawaii that you’ve undoubtedly looked at countless times, and might be surprised to find out that many of these famous sites aren’t that hard to find.

3 Essential Tours for Your Oahu Vaction

With so many things to do on Oahu, finding the right mix of tours, activities, and things to do is very important. First time visitors are looking to have the most complete experience, while returning travlers are looking to have an experience that is different than their last Oahu vacation.

Oahu Luaus - Polynesian Cultural Center

With so many Oahu luau options to consider, you might need a little help figuring out which is the best option for you and your party. Each luau is unique in its own right and offers something that is a little bit different, offering its own flare and fun that sets it apart.

What to Wear to Your Authentic Luau on Oahu

Packing for vacation is always one of those things where you just know you’re going to bring too much, and might question a choice or two when you get back home. Since Hawaii enjoys pretty perfect weather year round, packing for a trip is a lot easier than some place you will go, and you can get away with largely packing lighter clothing for the fun activities that you will be taking part in.

Bring the Kids to an Authentic Luau on Oahu

Keeping the kids entertained is a big part of any trip, and one of the best activities to keep them busy is at an authentic luau on Oahu. Luaus combine everything that kids like, including activities, being outside, a delicious meal, and live performances that will have them in awe at the performance and music.

Hawaiian Phrases to Know

A question that we often receive is “what language is spoken in Hawaii?” The answer is that there are many languages that are spoken in Hawaii, though English is the most used.

Tropical Cocktails for Your Oahu Luau

One of the first things that you’ll be ready for at your Oahu luau is an ice cold, refreshing drink. Luaus typically feature a limited drink selection, offering beer, wine, and an assortment of mixed drinks that are considered specialties in Hawaii.

Waikiki Luaus

When picking the luau that you will attend for your vacation, it is important that you have all of the information and details of the luau, so that you know exactly what you are in for. Maybe not a play-by-play of the actual luau, but more having to do with the menu .

Hawaii Activities to Compliment Your Authentic Luau

How many Hawaii activities have you circled for your trip? Most likely, you’ve found quite a few that you want to take part in, and the reality of it is that you’ll have to make some tough cuts at some point.

Great Oahu Beaches for Your Trip

There are many great Oahu beaches, but you probably wont be able to visit them all, just because there are so many. A good idea is to find one beach on each part of the island to visit. This will give you a good idea of what the area is like and the difference of the beaches all around the island.

Oahu Vacation Planning – Eating Hawaiian Dishes

One of our favorites things about traveling is finding the food of the destination that we are visiting. Whether it’s croissants in Paris, pizza in New York City, or fresh fish in Hawaii, the cuisine and the notable dishes of any place are very important and help to show its cultural influences.

4 Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

With any vacation to Oahu, there are a few activities that you are almost required to do. Each offers a different glimpse at the island and shows off the natural beauty that Hawaii is so famous for, while giving you an activity that is fun, often educational, and an important part of Hawaii.

Oahu Sites to See – Waimea Valley

There are many sites around Hawaii that are considered historic, and one of the most historic is Waimea Valley on Oahu’s North Shore. Today, the valley is a location that is mean to honor the past and educate the importance of the island’s natural resources.

Attractions on Oahu

Are you ready for your vacation to Oahu? By now, you are pretty far into your planning and are ready to begin the activity planning and the sightseeing that will take place on your vacation.

Exploring Oahu

Believe it or not, we’ve met visitors to Hawaii that spend most of their time at their resort or hotel. Granted, some of the resorts in Hawaii are very nice and offer a host of amenities that make visiting a luxury, but there is so much to see outside of the grounds that missing out on the sites of the island is a tragedy.

Waikiki Luaus on Oahu

Though there are many luaus on Oahu to choose from, for those traveling with youngsters, it might be difficult to make the 45-minute trek to one of the luaus on Oahu that are on the North Shore or one of the more remote destinations.

Oahu’s Best Beaches

When you visit Oahu, you are going to be looking for the best beaches to spend your days. The good news for you is that there are beaches scattered all over the island that offer the perfect place to rest up and soak in the sun’s rays.