Discovering Oahu

Discovering Oahu

Of all the destinations in the world, including the various places to visit within Hawaii, Oahu remains as one of the most sought after locations in the world, combining the busy city with a secluded island for an environment that is tough to match. Within minutes, you can go from one of the most densely populated areas in the country to any number of incredible attractions around the island. Oahu has just about anything you can dream of and during your visit, you have the chance to create a memorable vacation in one of the most amazing places in the world.  

Oahu is the most visited Hawaiian Island, welcoming more than 6 million visitors each year to its shores. Most visits to the island stay along the famed Waikiki Beach, where more than 100 hotels are found, the most famous stretch of beach in Hawaii, and every accommodation imaginable for a trip to the middle of the ocean. Without leaving Waikiki, you can find a new restaurant for every meal, shop till you drop, and visit famous attractions like Diamond Head, legendary hotels, famous landmarks, and even find historic locations that have played a role in shaping the Hawaiian Islands.

With so much to do around the island, it is highly recommended that you branch out and get away from Waikiki. Sure, it is a lot of fun to stay in the area, take a sunset cruise from the shores, and then hit one of the popular beachside restaurants, but visiting Hawaii is about discovering the islands, and Oahu is no exception.

Most travelers know the handful of activities and tours that they want to do during a visit, and some like the mystery of creating a vacation once they arrive, and either way is the right way to go. Sites like Pearl Harbor and historic downtown Honolulu provide the history, the lush rainforests take you deep into the jungle on can’t miss hikes, and there are more scenic lookout points and amazing views than anyone can count. Once you start discovering Oahu, it'll be nearly impossible to stop.

The activities are what help to make a vacation special, and the more you do, the more that you will discover the island and the island will become part of you. During any activity, including during your Oahu luau, you get to see parts of the island that many miss. The activity is the most fun part of the day, but just seeing different parts of the island during your journey to the final destination allows you to see the island and really take in the diversity of the island. Oahu is the only place in Hawaii where you can travel from a spreading metropolis to a quiet place, transporting you to what seems like a different world.

Oahu is an amazing destination and the more that you are able to discover; the more you will love the island. Enjoy what the island offers, and be sure to mix in a little bit of your own flare to create a truly magical, and unique, vacation.


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