Oahu Attractions to See

Oahu Attractions to See

It seems that no matter where you look when you’re visiting Oahu, there is an attraction to visit. Oahu is a dream vacation destination, a place to explore and discover, and the way to do really get to know the island is to visit the attractions and destinations that make the island so special. All over the island, some of the most scenic, historically important, and downright fascinating sites are found. Fill your vacation with the top Oahu attractions for the ultimate experience on Oahu.

Byodo-In Temple
Found on the Windward Coast, the replica temple is a serene retreat into the Valley of the Temples, tucked against the towering Ko’olau Mountains. The quiet grounds are the perfect place to reflect and just enjoy what Oahu has to offer, while enjoying a replica temple that was built to honor the same temple that stands in Japan.

Diamond Head
Easily one of the most recognized Oahu attractions, Diamond Head is seen from pretty much anywhere on the west side of the island. From Waikiki Beach all the way up the Leeward Coast, Diamond Head is quite the site to see. Its distinct shape and constant presence makes it an important part of the island, and you can take a short hike up to the top, the perfect place to watch the sunrise or enjoy an Oahu luau in the shadow of the crater.

Pali Lookout
Overlooking Windward Oahu is one of the most important sites on the island. The view from the lookout is breathtaking and when you learn the story of the Pali Lookout, you will be in awe. During the unification of the Hawaiian Islands, the Pali Lookout was the site of the Battle of Oahu, where King Kamehameha the Great claimed control of the island.

Hanauma Bay
The top snorkeling destination in Hawaii, Hanauma Bay also happens to be one of the top Oahu attractions to visit. The snorkeling here cannot be beat and is perfect for all ages. The reefs are home to a variety of tropical fish that you will see throughout your time in the water. You are going to be amazed at the intricacies of the reefs and the life that thrives here.

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