What to Wear to Your Authentic Luau on Oahu

What to Wear to Your Authentic Luau on Oahu

Packing for vacation is always one of those things where you just know you’re going to bring too much, and might question a choice or two when you get back home. Since Hawaii enjoys pretty perfect weather year round, packing for a trip is a lot easier than some place you will go, and you can get away with largely packing lighter clothing for the fun activities that you will be taking part in. One of the questions that we receive pretty regularly is: what to wear to an authentic luau on Oahu?

Luaus are an outdoor celebration that takes place in a stunning setting that offers incredible views of the island and non-stop fun as only the Hawaiian Islands can do. The unique mix of culture, entertainment, and storytelling makes a luau a special event that will be a favorite activity for your entire group of travelers. When you are getting ready for your evening, you have a couple of options for attire. Luaus are non-formal events and you can wear just about whatever you want.

The weather plays a huge factor in what to wear, but in most cases, staying cool is the priority. At the beginning of the luau, the sun will still be up so it's a bit warmer. And as the sun sets, the weather cools off quite a bit, so the evening is just about perfect. For gentlemen, you can either go casual, or choose to dress up a little, Hawaiian style of course. A short sleeve shirt is always acceptable and when dressing up in Hawaii, all you need is an Aloha Shirt, pair of shorts, and your slippahs (aka flip flops or sandals), and you’re ready for your luau. If you are more for a polo shirt, you can wear that as well. And don’t be afraid to wear a t-shirt either. There is no dress code at an authentic luau on Oahu, so wear whatever is comfortable.

For ladies, many choose to find a nice sundress for the evening. There are shops all over the island that sell dresses that are perfect and even are made in the same style as Aloha Shirts, meaning you are going to be very stylish and festive for your authentic luau on Oahu. And if a dress isn’t an option for you, you can go casual and wear shorts, a light top, and stylish sandals. Stay cool and enjoy the weather. This is a fun celebration and you’ll want to be comfortable.

An evening at an authentic luau on Oahu is so going to be so much fun, and it really doesn’t matter what you wear. As long as you’re having fun and comfortable, you are going to have a great time, and once the fresh flower lei is draped over your shoulders, whatever outfit you’ve chosen comes together perfectly.

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