Learning All About the Islands of Polynesia

Learning All About the Islands of Polynesia

One of the things about Hawaii that is the most important is the influence of the culture and history, dating all the way back to the earliest voyagers that arrived to Hawaii, and remaining today. Though Hawaii has a long and storied history, the islands wouldn’t exist as we know them today without the ancestors that arrived to the islands over a thousand years ago, forever changing the uninhabited islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii is part of the Polynesian Triangle of islands, spread over thousands of nautical miles, but linking together small island chains. Understanding the islands that make up this area is vital to understanding Hawaii and knowing where the first settlers of the islands came from. Voyagers arrived to what is now Hawaii using ancient methods that are incredible impressive, using only the stars to navigate across the ocean in primitive voyaging canoes.

The Polynesian Islands are made up of thousands of islands, with 6 main islands and countries making up what is recognized as the Polynesian Triangle. Each island p has played a vital role in shaping and influencing the culture of Hawaii pulling its traditions, customs, and rituals from Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, and Fiji, mixing everything together to create the rich culture and history of Hawaii.

While you’re visiting Oahu, you can learn all about each island of the Polynesian Triangle at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where each island comes to life and the customs and traditions of each are on full display. Visitors arrive early to the park, located on Oahu’s North Shore, becoming immersed in the culture and history of Hawaii and the islands that make up Polynesia. A day spent at the Polynesian Cultural Center will be a day that you will not want to miss visiting each island village, learning ancient practices, and the history of each island. Stopping at each island, you will take part in everything from hula and ukulele lessons to basket making and spear throwing. You’ll even learn about the haka and watch in amazement as the fire-knife dancers put on a show.

Spend a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where the heritage of the early settlers of Hawaii is on full display, forever influencing Hawaii and carrying on ancient practices by today’s locals and residents of the islands. Understanding the roots of Hawaii will deepen your love for the islands, and help you to uncover the things that make Hawaii so special. A day at the Polynesian Cultural Center is a day well spent, and concludes with an authentic Hawaiian luau that will have you dancing in your seat!

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