Top Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

Top Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

Visiting Oahu is really unlike a visit to any other Hawaiian Island. As the most popular destination in Hawaii, Oahu naturally features more to do as far as activities go, and with so much to do, there is a large diversity of options. You can do everything from hiking through the rainforest to an outdoor adventure like ziplining, or visit historic sites like Pearl Harbor. You can even enjoy a deluxe sunset dinner cruise along the coastline where you’ll find Waikiki Beach and many familiar sites. These are all popular Oahu activities, but there are a few that are considered the very top Oahu activities for your vacation.

Top Oahu Activities for Your Vacation
Pearl Harbor
The most popular site in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor is packed with history, telling the stories of the tragic attacks that launched the United States into World War II, as well as sharing the history of the harbor all the way back to ancient Hawaii. A visit to the harbor is very emotional and somber, but very important and really neat. There are a ton of monuments and memorials to go along with the museums that are found throughout the harbor.

Circle Island Tours
See the entire island of Oahu in one single day, hitting all of the top sites during a trek around the island. Stops throughout the day allow you to see some of the most beautiful destinations on the island, and become more familiar with your destination. See sites like Oahu’s North Shore, a variety of scenic island lookouts, hidden gems around the island, and naturally formed features like Halona Blowhole on Oahu’s South Shore.

Oahu Luaus
After you’ve seen the historic sites and become more familiar with the island, you’ll want to immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture, and there is no better place to do so than at one of the many popular Oahu luaus. Find your luau and enjoy an evening beneath the stars, celebrating the history of the islands and the importance of Polynesian culture. You’ll love the thrilling performances, delicious food, live music, and the fun of the entire evening at an authentic Hawaiian luau.

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