Dressing for a Hawaiian Luau

Dressing for a Hawaiian Luau

Getting dressed for a day in Hawaii is rather simple. Because of the year round perfect weather and the bright shining sun, there really aren’t too many options, and you are able to stick to handful of style choices. And since most people head to work during the week, and stick to their chosen activities on the weekend, getting by with the staples is a piece of cake. T-shirts, shorts, linen pants, slippahs (or flip-flops), casual shoes, and an Aloha Shirt are all widely accepted as the style in Hawaii, and you can go just about anywhere and fit in with the Hawaiian dress code. At an authentic Hawaiian luau, there really is no limit to what you can wear.

Once the sun goes down for the day, the warm weather turns a bit cooler, and the style goes from beachwear to casual night wear. When you’re getting ready for a luau, you might be struggling with what to wear. The dress code at a luau is very casual, though some choose to dress it up a bit, but really, come as you are and just enjoy the evening. You are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in.

The traditional dress of Hawaii has come quite a way since the earliest days of the islands. Through years of photos and hieroglyphics, it is clear that dressing for comfort and to stay cool is a priority, and many of the materials that are used to make Aloha Shirts, pants, and shorts are designed for breathability and to stay cool.

Luau performers stick to the traditional dress of the Polynesian Islands, performing in kappa, grass skirts, or malo (loin cloth), accessorized by a lei, tattoos, and in some cases, face paint. For attendees of the luau, if you want to dress up a bit, you can wear an Aloha Shirt and shorts with a pair of flip-flops or comfortable shoes. T-shirts are also welcome, and if you choose to wear pants, make sure they are light and comfortable as it can still get a bit warm if the trade winds are not up.

A luau is a gathering for fun and there is no reason to get dressed up. An Aloha Shirt is always acceptable in Hawaii, and even if you show up right after leaving the beach and are wearing a t-shirt and board shorts, you will still be welcomed with open arms. Dress for comfort and fun and get ready to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian luau.