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4 Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

With any vacation to Oahu, there are a few activities that you are almost required to do. Each offers a different glimpse at the island and shows off the natural beauty that Hawaii is so famous for, while giving you an activity that is fun, often educational, and an important part of Hawaii. With limited time during your vacation, you will want to pick the very best activities for you, that don’t take up all of your time, but still provide everyone with something fun. Oahu activities are as diverse as the island, so let’s explore a few of the very best options.

4 Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

Pearl Harbor
For history buffs and those who are only starting to learn about World War II, this is the place for you. Not only is Pearl Harbor one of the most important sites in United States history, it’s history dates all the way back to the earliest days of Hawaii. You can easily spend an entire day at Pearl Harbor, visiting the museums and memorials, or you can spend a few hours here and hit the Visitors Center and enjoy stunning views of the harbor and its surroundings. Many choose to combine their time at Pearl Harbor with a….

CircleIsland Tours
Circle Island Tours are the best way to see ALL of Oahu. Kick your sightseeing off with an early morning visit to Pearl Harbor or sleep in a little and head out around mid-morning. Either option is great, and by the end of the day, you’ll know all of the best spots to return to.

Oahu Luaus
The only thing more authentic to Hawaii than a luau is the beach. Any of the luaus on Oahu will take you through time to the days of ancient Hawaii and the traditions and culture that is still prevalent throughout the islands today. Not to mention, a luau is just too much fun to miss out on. The cultural aspect of an Oahu luau is so important to Hawaii, and the various activities, performances, and the food is also important to the islands, and is always an evening well spent.

Outdoor Adventures
We can’t list the best Oahu activities without mentioning the outdoor fun that takes place all over the islands. From the mountains to the ocean, there is a lot to do on Oahu, and we know that you are going to want to take part in some really fun stuff. Go for a hike, enjoy ziplines, visit Kualoa Ranch, snorkel at Hanauma Bay, jump out of a plane, and even take a surf lesson. These are all available on Oahu, and any of these fun Oahu activities will show you a really great time during your vacation.

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