Authentic Hawaiian Luaus

Authentic Hawaiian Luaus - The Islands of Polynesia

Hawaii is a magical place that is filled with so much culture, natural beauty, friendly locals, and history. That unique culture of the islands is everywhere, and is heavily influenced by the traditions and customs of the Polynesian Islands, with those same traditions and customs carrying through thousands of years into the islands today.  When you visit Hawaii, there is no better place to find the traditions and customs of Hawaii and Polynesia than at an authentic Hawaiian Luau

Throughout your upcoming visit to Hawaii, you will encounter the rich culture of Hawaii, and a majority of the culture and history of Hawaii can be traced back to the Polyneisan Triangle of Island, located across the entire Pacific Ocean, with nothing but water found in between the coastline of those islands and Hawaii. The impact of these islands is a vital part of Hawaii, and knowing what the ocean voyagers went through will give you a new appreciation for those first settlers to Hawaii.

Ocean voyagers arrived to Hawaii around 800 AD, though the exact time of arrival is not known. Arriving on ancient voyaging canoes, expert navigators made their way across the ocean, using only the stars for guidance. In those days, there were no maps, so finding the most isolated islands in the world was quite the challenge. Voyagers continued to arrive over the years, coming from islands throughout the Pacific, including Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand and Fiji. The Polynesian Islands are made up of thousands of islands, but there are 6 main islands and countries that make up what is generally recognized as Polynesia, or the Polynesian Triangle of Islands. Each of these islands have had a direct influence on Hawaii, and the traditions, heritage, and history of Hawaii can be traced to these earliest settlers.

During your vacation to Hawaii, an evening at an authentic Hawaiian Luau will show you the culture of Hawaii and Polynesia. Traditional Hawaii luaus include a delicious buffet, live entertainment, games and activities, and an evening that is nothing but fun. Select your luau and seating package, and get ready for a night exploring the culture and history of Polynesia.Due to the high volume of visitors traveling to Hawaii  year round, our Oahu tours and Oahu activities sell out quickly. In many cases, tours sell out weeks or months in    advance, especially our top seller Aloha Kai Luau.