Luau Entertainment and Performances

Luau Entertainment and Performances

If you have ever been to an authentic Hawaiian Luau, you know how much fun they are. There is just something so special about an evening beneath the stars, watching in amazement at the live musicians and performers dazzling with expertise in many different styles of music, dance, and entertainment. Each luau show is unique, offering the audience its own version of classic Polynesian entertainment, always with the right amount of humor, and never disappointing.

All around Oahu, luaus take place each and every night, and guests to these luaus are in for many different treats during the evening. Of course, the luau buffet is always a hit, and the various performances captivate and impress. If you have never been, you will love what is in store. A luau is always a great time and if you don’t know what to expect, we can help you prepare, without ruining the special event that you have planned.

Luau entertainment and performances are thrilling, beautiful, captivating, and quite impressive. Hula dancers perform effortless routines while musicians navigate complex songs that accompany each dance. Some luaus depict dances and songs from each island nation of the Polynesian islands, showing the different styles of dance that always tell a story. Some stories are very deep and filled with emotion, while others are lighthearted and silly. The songs that go with the dance tell the story and share the feelings, and when you are sucked into the moment, emotions are known to become overwhelming.

There are a few luaus on Oahu that include the most daring and exciting performance, and if you choose to head to Chief’s Luau, you will be on the edge of your seat with the incredible fire knife dancing that has been made famous by Chief Sielu. With both ends of a knife set on fire, the Chief and his performers flip, throw, twist, twirl, and effortlessly dance with their knife, dazzling the audience, which generates countless rounds of gasps and cheers. The Chief is a world champion, and each year at the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau, the world championships of fire knife dancing take place.

An authentic Hawaiian Luau is always a ton of fun and will be one of your favorite activities during your trip. Watching the performances is inspiring and brings a new level of emotion to your connection with the islands. Music and dance is an integral part of life in Hawaii and Polynesia and you will love your evening at one of the top luaus on the island.

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