Oahu Sites to See – Diamond Head

Oahu Sites to See – Diamond Head

Of all Oahu’s sites to see, the most famous of the all is Diamond Head, the extinct volcano that is now a notable landmark, and one of the most famous sites in Hawaii. The iconic crater can be seen from nearly everywhere on Oahu’s Leeward Coast and is featured as the representative of the island in pictures, post cards, magnets, and really anything you can envision. Diamond Head is located not too far from Waikiki Beach, and while you’re spending a day on the beach, the crater is in near sight.

Many visitors choose to make the trek up to the summit of Diamond Head on an early morning hike, watching the sun rise on a new day and cast a stunning light on the island, with everything from Waikiki to the mountains taking on a new life from the summit. The more time that you spend on Oahu the more Diamond Head means, and it certainly holds great meaning for locals and residents of Oahu. It is a welcome site to see on a return vacation, and serves as a welcoming committee of sorts for residents after they’ve been away from Hawaii for a time.

In the shadow of Diamond Head, many great activities take place. Kapiolani Park is at the base of the crater and is where locals gather for celebrations, picnics, and to just enjoy the day. The park is also the site of many big events on Oahu, including the finish line for the Honolulu Marathon, free concerts at the legendary bandstand, and top musical acts at the Waikiki Shell. The park is the place for big events and things to do, and with Diamond Head in near sight, the scenery is as important as the fun that you are having.

The base of Diamond Head is also the site of the Diamond Head Luau, one of the top Oahu luaus. Taking place at the Waikiki Aquarium, this luau is more than an activity; it is an experience, with fun activities and a great meal, plus top-notch entertainment filling the evening. The Diamond Head Luau is an intimate experience, with limited seating keeping the headcount low, meaning your evening is going to be reminiscent of the luaus that have been taking place in Hawaii for hundreds of years.

Diamond Head has come to represent so much, and remains one of the top Oahu sites to see. Take a hike up to the summit and enjoy panoramic views of the island, and then spend an evening at the Diamond Head Luau, a short distance from your Waikiki Beach hotel and an evening that you will not soon forget!

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