Where to Watch an Oahu Sunset

Where to Watch an Oahu Sunset

One of the most amazing daily events is the thing that brings the day to a close, concluding another day in paradise with a spectacle that you’ll want to catch on each day that you are vacationing in Hawaii. Hawaiian sunsets are famous around the world for their indescribable beauty and the peace and calm that they bring. During your visit, you can find many great place to view this event, and since you are visiting Oahu, you’ll have plenty of options for watching an Oahu sunset.

Where to Watch an Oahu Sunset
On a Hawaiian Dinner Cruise
Where better to watch the sunset than from the deck of a cruise ship or catamaran, fun festivities filling your time and the sunset providing the perfect backdrop for your evening. Hawaii Dinner Cruises are great for all ages, include dinner or appetizers, refreshing drinks, and are just so much fun. Whether you head out for a more formal cruise on the Star of Honolulu or choose a more low-key option, you are going to have an amazing experience.

On the Beach
Even though there are options for more organized activities, one of the options that is favored throughout Hawaii is to watch the sunset from the beach. With so many beaches to choose from, there are plenty of options, but some of the best beaches to watch the sunset include Ala Moana Beach, Waikiki Beach, and of course the North Shore, where the appropriately named Sunset Beach is found.

At an Oahu Luau
This is the option that most look forward to, and for good reason. Oahu luaus are so much fun and a great experience that centers around the local culture and the history of the islands. There are games, live entertainment, delicious food, and many Oahu luaus offer a great setting and perfect views of the sunset, all just part of what makes a luau special.

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