The Islands of Polynesia

The Islands of Polynesia

During your trip Oahu, you’re sure to encounter the culture and history of the earliest arrivals to Hawaii. The earliest ocean voyagers made their way to Hawaii using advanced methods for the time, and understanding the islands where Hawaiian settlement originated is crucial to understanding and knowing Hawaii. The methods by which the voyagers arrived are almost unbelievable, and you’re sure to be impressed with the customs and traditions that are still prevalent throughout Hawaii today. The best place to get to know Hawaiian and Polynesian history is at your Oahu luau, where the stories and legends are shared through traditional performances.

Technically, the Polynesian Islands are made up of thousands of islands, though there are 6 main islands and countries that make up what is recognized as the Polynesian Triangle. Each of these islands has played a vital role in shaping what is Hawaii, and was once a newly settled island chain, that has since become a cultural melting pot. Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji, and Hawaii make up the triangle, and an Oahu Luau takes you on a journey through each of the islands, perhaps no greater than the activities that take place at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

To arrive in Hawaii, which was an uninhabited island chain, early voyagers arrived via ancient voyaging canoes, comprised of not much more than a canoe base, sail, and plenty of room for everyone to climb aboard. These ships were built with expert precision, made to withstand the often violent conditions of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Most impressively, expert voyagers used only the stars to guide their way across the enormous ocean! Even today, these ancient techniques are used by local group to navigate the world, keeping a direct connection with their ancestors, ensuring that Hawaii’s oldest traditions continues to live on.

The heritage of Hawaii’s ancestors is very important and is carried on through today’s residents of the islands. Important traditions like Hula, poi making, imu cooking, and sailing by the stars is still practiced throughout Hawaii today, and elements of each of these traditions is found at an Oahu luau. The islands of Polynesia will always be a vital part of Hawaii and once you learn about the customs, traditions, and rituals that trace back to the beginnings of Hawaii, you will have a great appreciation for the culture of Hawaii.

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