Experience Hawaii’s History and Culture

Experience Hawaii’s History and Culture

Hawaii’s history and culture is unique to the islands, combining many different ethnicities to create Hawaiian culture. The islands are a melting pot, brining together cultures from Asia, Polynesia, America, and other to create Hawaii, an incredible destination that is isolated way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Though there is no single dominant race or culture in Hawaii, those of Polynesia and America have been the largest influence, those two cultures being among the most prevalent throughout the islands.

The earliest arrivals of voyagers from the Polynesian Islands date back to over 1,000 years ago, bringing many of the traditions and customs that are still practiced throughout Hawaii today. The most common place to take part in Polynesian culture is at an authentic Hawaiian Luau, where music, singing, dancing, games, and food are all on full display throughout the evening, celebrating the islands and their origins. Each and every Oahu luau pays homage to the traditions of the islands in its own way, with the most complete experience coming at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Here, you’ll spend an entire day immersed in the islands of Polynesia, visiting each island village before enjoying a luau and show that puts the perfect end on the day.

The history of Hawaii is unlike any other, with many years of tragic events and larger than life figures filling up the history books. Oahu is the site for some of the most important moments in the island’s history, beginning all the way back with events like the unification of the islands and continuing to more recent events, like the attacks of Pearl Harbor and the buildings of local politics. A visit to these sites shares the entire history of the islands, takes you to the locations that have been made famous throughout history, and shows the influence of the west on Hawaii. Visit Pearl Harbor, historic downtown Honolulu, scenic Pali Lookout, and the Iolani Palace and Bishop Museum for the entire history of Hawaii.

Hawaii is more than just beautiful beaches and amazing scenery. Though that is a big part of the draw of the islands, the history and culture of the islands is easily the most important part, and honoring the past and continuing the traditions of ancient culture is practiced daily in Hawaii, and you’ll love learning the beauty of the culture here in Hawaii. Take it all in at one of the top Oahu luaus and enjoy the historic sites of Honolulu during your vacation.  

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