Bring the Kids to an Authentic Luau on Oahu

Bring the Kids to an Authentic Luau on Oahu

Keeping the kids entertained is a big part of any trip, and one of the best activities to keep them busy is at an authentic luau on Oahu. Luaus combine everything that kids like, including activities, being outside, a delicious meal, and live performances that will have them in awe at the performance and music. Not only that, you will have a great time too! Bring the kids to an authentic luau on Oahu, and you’re sure to have a great time.

One of the best luaus on Oahu is the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau, where the activities and fun are not only limited to the evening luau. You’ll arrive early in the day and spend your time at the center exploring the island villages that make up the cultural center, sharing important traditions and customs from the islands of Polynesia.

Throughout the day, the kids will take part in different activities that are vital to life in the islands, and the hands on activities and demonstrations will keep them thoroughly entertained. They’ll learn things like the art of tattooing, take part in cooking demonstrations, play fun games, and even learn the hula at the place where these traditions are a way of life. Culture and history is everywhere, and along with learning the heritage of Polynesia, they’ll have a blast at the luau that is complete with a captivating show.

Kicking off the evening’s festivities is an all you can eat buffet that you will surely be heading back to over and over again. Dishes that have been passed down from the earliest days of Hawaii like Kalua Pork and Poi are staples at a luau, along with fresh veggies and fruit, locally sourced fish, chicken, rice, and of course dessert. There is something for everyone, even the picky eaters.

After dinner, the show starts, and what a show it is! Performers tell the story of Ha, the saga of life, love, triumph, and tragedy through traditions storytelling, songs, dance, and the always-impressive fire-knife dancing. The show is captivating and a look at the way of life of ancient Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands. This is a show that you do not want to miss.

Traveling with kids can be tough, and keeping them entertained and interested is always a tough task. At the Polynesian Cultural Center, the entertainment is built in and the kids will have so much to do during the day. Plus, the chance to attend this luau on Oahu is the perfect end to the day at the park and will bring all that you’ve seen, learned, and taken part in full circle.

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