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Tips for Traveling to Oahu with Kids

When you think of Hawaii, it may not immediately jump out at you that this is a desirable family destination, one with plenty to do and see, and the perfect place to have a family vacation. Many families travel to the islands with kids, and if you’re considering bringing your kids to Oahu, you have the right idea. There is so much going on all over Oahu, and from the Dole Pineapple Plantation to Pearl Harbor, there is plenty to do. Before you head out, consider these tips for traveling to Oahu with kids.

Tips for Traveling to Oahu with Kids:

  • Pack their favorite snacks for the flight, and keep it a secret until you’re in the air.
  • Bring new activities for the plane, including books, games, and a tablet or phone for movies.
  • Don’t forget your charger. It’s also a good idea to pack an external battery charger for the flight.
  • Bring plenty of wet wipes, the perfect solution for any cleanup situation.
  • Allow them to carry their own bag onto the plane, filled with their clothing and stuff.
  • Don’t forget: children under 2 will need a birth certificate to board the plane
  • Plan ahead and arrive to your flight early. If you’re flying out early in the morning, stay at a hotel near the airport, and give yourself extra time to get through security and to your gate
  • Don’t forget their favorite toy/stuffed animal/blanket for security and comfort.
  • Make a game out of looking out the window. Point out what you’re seeing and make a fun game out of the flight
  • Create excitement for your trip by letting the kids explore the airport a little, and show them the plane before you board.
  • Make an airport scavenger hunt to help get you to your departure gate and flight.
  • Plan your travel around their schedule, and book flights to match their naps and sleep schedule as closely as possible.
  • Some airports have a play area for kids, the perfect place to burn some extra energy
  • Hotels are always exciting for kids. Ask your hotel if they provide roll away beds. Not only will you be more comfortable sleeping, everyone will have their own place to sleep, which is always fun.
  • Show them where you are heading, and point out Oahu on a map. Seeing the islands as a speck in the ocean is eye opening.

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