What is On the Menu at an Oahu Luau

What is On the Menu at an Oahu Luau?

The biggest and best part of any vacation is sampling the cuisine and the delectable dishes that are found in a new destination. Hawaii, being a thriving melting pot of different cultures, offers foodies and non-foodies the chance to sample a variety of dishes, cuisines, and tasty menu items that come from many places around the globe. With influence coming from Asian cultures and America, in addition to the Polynesian culture that provides the base for Hawaii’s unique culture, there are many fusions of food that help to create Hawaii’s food scene. When you attend an Oahu luau, you will find some of the most important and traditional dishes in Hawaiian culture, some dating back to the earliest days of settlement in Hawaii. Check out some of the staples you will find an your Oahu luau.

Kalua Pork – found at any luau in Hawaii, the aroma of Kalua Pork will make your mouth water as soon as you arrive. To create the satisfying dish, a whole pig is roasted in an underground oven, using techniques that date back hundreds of years. This might be the most popular dish in Hawaii.

Fresh Island Fish– for as long as the islands have been inhabited, fish has been a staple of the Hawaiian diet. At your Oahu luau, freshly caught fish is on the menu, expertly prepared and served along the buffet line.  

Poi – the funky purple dish that you’ll find on the buffet line is poi, made from the root of the taro plant, steamed and mixed with water to reach the desired consistency. Poi is an acquired taste, so be sure to sample more than one bite. Dating all the way back to ancient Hawaii, poi has long been an important part of the Hawaiian diet.   

Desserts and Tropical Cocktails – of course, the best part of any dinner is the cocktails and desserts. An Oahu luau features a variety of great desserts that include haupia pudding, coconut cake, and more. You can also find tropical cocktails like mai tai and daiquiris, along with wine and locally brewed beer.

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