Germaine’s Too Good To Miss Luau

Germaine’s Too Good To Miss Luau

For as long as visitors have been traveling to Hawaii, they’ve been attending luaus. These celebrations are easily the most authentic activity to the islands, challenged only by surfing, and even then, an authentic Hawaiian luau gets the edge. Back in the days of ancient Hawaii, a luau was a celebration for royalty, with an impressive feast, entertainment, and a setting that is unmatched. At Germaine’s Luau, that is exactly what you get…and then some.

Located on the west coast of the island of Oahu, Germaine’s is one of the oldest luaus on the island, and its reputation is well deserved. Continuing the traditions of ancient Hawaii, Germaine’s brings to life the rich history and culture of the island, complete with a buffet that would be the star of any show. Everything at Germaine’s is top notch, making this luau truly a “too good to miss” experience.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Germaine’s Luau is that it is a backyard style luau, meaning that it is more in line with a gathering of friends and family than a big production. Germaine’s prides itself on keeping the luau experience simple, making the entertainment, food, and fun the most important part of the evening. Add into that a setting that is among the best in Hawaii, and this luau is an authentic experience.

There are quite a few options for luaus on the island and though each is a great experience, Germaine’s offers something that is truly unique. No setting is quite like this and the entire evening is a throwback to the days when Hawaii was largely uninhabited and the voyagers that originally reached the islands were just getting started. The traditions and customs of Hawaii are taken from those days and continue today, thanks to authentic luaus like Germaine’s and those strive to keep the importance of the Hawaiian ancestry alive. With many choices for a luau, Germaine’s Luau might be the most authentic on the island.

If you’ve never been to a luau, you are in for a treat. And if you have been to a luau before, you are still in for a treat. A trip to Hawaii has to include a luau and Germaine’s is the top choice for many visitors to the island, even those who have been to the luau on previous visits to the island. You will not want to miss out on Germaine’s “Too Good To Miss” Luau while you are visiting Oahu.

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