Winter Travel Tips for Your Oahu Vacation

Winter Travel Tips for Your Oahu Vacation

With the bitter winter now upon us, those who will be traveling to the Hawaiian Islands over the next few months are in a bit of a predicament. Travelers from cold places will depart wearing their warmest clothes, and arrive to paradise with way too many layers. Standard clothing for Hawaii is as few layers as possible, generally shorts and a light shirt, and there is little use for a jacket or sweater in Hawaii. So, how do you prepare for a trip to Hawaii in the winter, with the need for drastically different apparel and the fact that you will be heading back home?

Pack Appropriately
Figuring out what you’ll need in Hawaii and how to properly pack your suitcase before you get here is difficult. There are many things to consider, activities that you will be taking part in, and many more factors that you will need to take into account for your Oahu vacation. Be sure to bring swim gear, clothing for a night out at an Oahu luau, and enough to get you by for your entire time here. Leave the towels at home as your hotel will have plenty, and plan to purchase sunblock when you arrive.

Don’t Wear Too Many Layers on the Plane
Taking a step back and looking at the entire scenario of travel, you might come to realize that you don’t need your warmest clothes on the day of your departure. Airports are pretty convenient, especially when it comes to departures. You can likely get by with jeans and a sweatshirt on the plane, and you are not going to spend a lot of time in the elements before departure. Walk fast, take a shuttle, or have someone drop you off to minimize the time spent outside pre-departure, and wear layers that can easily be removed.

It’s Going to Rain
In the winter, it rains all over Hawaii. And it rains a lot. Some parts of the island receive tremendous amounts of rain, and even in the dry areas like Oahu’s South Shore, receive an increased amount of rain that can come at any time. Sudden downpours are common and can last for very short periods, or extended lengths of time.

Have a Backup Plan
With all of the activities that you are going to be taking part in, it’ll be important to have a backup plan. Activities like hiking can be rained out and we’ve all experienced a beach day that ends abruptly. It happens, but there is plenty to do and as long as you are ready for the unexpected, you will still have a great time. Many activities are rain or shine, so be sure to check when making your reservations.

Watch the Surf Reports
Even if you don’t plan to surf, keeping an eye on the surf reports will let you know if the giant surf swells are coming. There is nothing like watching giant waves from a North Shore beach, so make sure you are ready to head north if a swell rolls in.

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