Waimanalo Beach


Oahu Destinations – Waimanalo Beach

One of the most striking things about Hawaii is the sheer beauty that emanates from the islands. No matter which island you are on, the natural beauty of the islands is striking, and it seems that the longer you spend in Hawaii, the more beautiful the islands become. The lush mountains rival the picturesque beaches, scenic island lookouts provide dramatic views of the entire island, and the hidden surprises that you will encounter are simply breathtaking. During your visit to Oahu, you’ll want to find as many of these locations as possible, and when it comes to beaches, there may not be a more beautiful setting that Waimanalo Beach, one of the top Oahu destinations that you will just have to find.

Located on the Windward coast, Waimanalo Beach is right out of a screen saver. The pristine Pacific Ocean meets powder white sand, with rows of Ironwood Trees hiding the beach from the nearby parking lot. As soon as you make your way through the trees and set foot on the sand, Waimanalo Beach reveals itself and will easily be one of your favorite beaches, possibly in the world.

A day spent at Waimanalo is always a day well spent, the ocean providing a place to cool off or play, the warm sand the perfect place to relax and enjoy paradise, and the scenery constantly taking your breath away. Beyond the towering Ironwood Trees are the dramatic Ko’olau Mountains, towering even taller than the trees and providing a launch point for the windsurfers that frequent the area. Out to sea, Rabbit Island is seen in the distance, and the only sound you will hear are the crashing waves and the ocean breeze. Seriously, what could be better than a day at Waimanalo Beach?!

We know that your vacation is jam packed, so be sure to make time for Waimanalo Beach, one of the top Oahu destinations for visitors to the island. Spend a morning and early afternoon on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, and head to a fun Oahu Luau to wrap up your day. Trust us, there might not be a better day in Hawaii than this.

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