Famous Movie Sites on Oahu

Famous Movie Sites on Oahu

You know all of those gorgeous landscapes that you see in movies? Those that seem like a CGI depiction of a far off land, where lush rainforests, tropical weather, stunning beaches, and hidden surprises steal the show? Well, those locations actually exist in real life, and there is a pretty good chance that the far off land you are witnessing is actually the island of Oahu. Hawaii has long been a favorite filming location for the biggest movies and television shows, and during your visit, you can find the famous movies sites of Oahu! Use of the island as a stand in for a fictional land, or as the itself, dates back for nearly as long as movies and television have been around, and finding these locations is easy, affordable, and so much fun.

Oahu was not the only island used for Jurassic Park, but it might be the most obvious location used. Take a visit to Kualoa Ranch, the film site for many movies and shows, and discover the most famous locations from the most famous scenes. Godzilla’s footprint, multi-use bunkers, and even the wide open terrain from Jurassic Park, where a stampede of dinosaurs nearly ran over the film’s stars are all located at Kualoa Ranch, and there are a variety of activities that set out to explore the site that has been in use since the days of Hawaiian royalty.,  

Another film that utilized the lush landscapes of Kualoa Ranch, the re-make of the 90s classic took full advantage of the natural beauty of the island. Check out all of the film sites and explore hundreds of acres of Oahu’s most famous place to shoot. You might even recognize Kualoa Ranch from other films like 50 First Dates, LOST, and Hawaii 5-0.

Some big budget movies pan out, and others do not, but they are still well worth seeing. Battleship is one of those. Based on the iconic boardgame, Battleship used the USS Missouri, permanently docked at Pearl Harbor, as the star of the movie, helping in the battle against alien invaders. During a visit to Pearl Harbor, you can take a tour of the deck of the battleship and learn all of its secrets.

More Films
There have been countless shows and movies filmed in Hawaii, though the islands were not always credited. Oahu’s North Shore has been used in movies like Point Break, Blue Crush, and Paradise, Hawaiian Style, while Oahu’s South Shore was used in From Here to Eternity, The Descendants, Blue Hawaii, and many more.

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