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PRICE $121 $180 $124 $89 $89 $110 $155
FIRE DANCERS 9.4 9 9.1 9.4 0 8.8 9.3
ADDITIONAL ARTS/CRAFTS 9.5 8.5 8.6 9.4 0 0 8.5
IMU DEMONSTRATION 9 0 9 9.4 0 9 0
OVERALL FOOD 8.9 9.2 8 9.4 8 5 4
LOCATION & VIEW OF LUAU 10 9.8 9 9.4 5 6 2
FRIENDLY STAFF 9.8 9.8 9.7 9.4 9.8 7 7
EASY TO GET TO 10 10 7 9.4 9 4 4
VALUE 9.5 9.3 8.8 9.4 7 6 6
MC 9.5 9.2 9 9.4 8 8 9
TOTAL VALUE OUT OF 10 9.6 8.3 8.7 7.5 5.2 5.8 5.7

The Best Luaus in Oahu (& Others)

Best Luaus

Aloha Kai Luau

This is our top choice for a Luau in Oahu. Located at Sea Life Park even the drive to the Luau is amazing. You pass Diamond Head, Koko Head, Hanauma Bay, Lanai Lookout, Halona Blowhole, Sandy Beach, Makapuu Beach, Makapuu lighthouse, and ultimately overlook at Rabbit Island during the Luau! You have a breaktaking view of the Ocean which is only offered by this luau. You are flanked by towering cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other with offshore islands adding to the charm.

This is the former location of Ka Moana Luau (which is now at Aloha Tower and not near the Venue). Everything about this Luau is top notch. Aloha Kai Luau has the Imu Pig Ceremony which only one other Luau has (Germaine’s Luau). The location of this luau is fantastic as it is only 25 minutes from the heart of Waikiki and Aloha Kai Luau does offer transportation for $25.00 which is reasonable.

Aloha Kai Luau at Sea Life Park

You also have the option if You choose one of the packages which offers admission to Sea Life Park where you can get early transportation to the luau and enjoy Sea Life Park before the Luau. This Luau is unlike anything else on the island with entertainment from Malu Productions which is the top Luau entertainment company in Hawaii. The fire dancers at Aloha Kai are the best in Oahu.

The food is top notch and it an all you can eat buffet. This luau also has a more intimate setting of around 200-300 people unlike other luaus such as Chiefs Luau which can have up to 650 people. This is our top choice for Luaus in Oahu and if You order directly online through the website you are guaranteed the best seats available as opposed to booking anywhere else.

Aloha Kai Luau at Sea Life Park

Experience Nutridge Luau

For a more intimate luau head to the Nutridge Estate. This is our #2 ranked Luau and is not too far away from the Aloha Kai Luau. This is a family-run luau and maxes out at around 90 people. Dinner is local farm to table. The location is above the Tantalus Outlook above Waikiki, on Hawaii’s first macadamia nut plantation. There are things to do before the Luau and the food is good. If You are looking for a "Production" and a full blown luau, this may not be for You.

Toa Luau

Another small scale, authentic luau similar to Nutridge Luau, Toa Luau is the only luau on the north shore with the exception of the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) which is closer to being on the windward side). This is also the only luau where you can also see a waterfall and botanical garden. The food is good, but You will need to drive here. Drinking and driving comes with a heavy penalty in Hawaii so please be careful if You choose to goto this luau. Please have a designated driver. If You are coming from Waikiki there is probably a better luau to choose, because this luau is well over a hour away. If You are staying in Turtle Bay, then this luau is an excellent choice.

Polynesian Cultural Center Luau

First, This is a FULL day experience. Polynesian Cultural Center is around 90 minutes from Waikiki. You first get to PCC and explore the 6 villages during the day. There are shows and activities. The luau is called Ha, Breath of Life and to be honest it was a breath of fresh air to sit down at the luau after a full day of walking around PCC. There are no Mai Tais or alcohol for that matter at PCC as it is run by Mormons. The show is around 90 minutes long. It’s nice that there are so many options with the Luau at PCC, but it’s also a little overwhelming. My recommendation is to go with the Ali’i Luau Package. It’s a FULL day (basically 9 hours) of entertainment. If You are looking for just a Luau then again, we recommend Aloha Kai Luau or Nutridge Luau above all others.

Waikiki Luau at Rock A Hula Cabana

This luau is a much shorter experience lasting around 90 minutes. There are Hula dancers and musicians during dinner. This is a very basic luau experience and recommended if You are tight one time.

The Others

Germaine’s Luau

Germaine’ Luau is located in Kapolei behind an industrial area, and I would call this a basic budget luau. The highlight of the luau is the Imu ceremony, which is also offered by Toa Luau and Aloha Kai Luau. Germaine’s Luau specialty is bussing people out from Waikiki and picking up people from the Norwegian Cruise Line since Germaine’s and Chiefs is owned by Roberts Hawaii which is a transportation company. They serve a buffet and have a basic hula show. There’s not a lot of preshow entertainment, and not any cultural activities. Germaine’s Luau claims it is by the Ocean, but it is hard to see the Ocean from about 90% of the tables. The tables are picnic tables and not very comfortable. The bottom line is that this luau has a low-quality food and drinks, picnic tables, paper plates and plastic utensils, a decent show. And that’s about it.

Chief’s Luau

This luau is located at Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark and that should tell You a lot. Most people who go to this Luau are generally unimpressed by the setting and especially the food. The one positive about this luau is Chief Sielu, but the Chief does not perform every night. The Chief can tell some jokes that have sexual underlings so if You have Children, you probably want to skip this Luau. One other major issue with this Luau is the location. Like Germaine’s Luau, this Luau is a long distance from Waikiki. It You are staying in Waikiki, you probably want to cross off both Germaine’s Luau and Chiefs Luau off your list. You have to take the H1 highway to get to Chief’s Luau which has unpredictable traffic. It there is an accident, You could spend 90-120 minutes getting to the Luau or getting back to Waikiki. If You choose transportation, that is going to cost another $39.00 For 1 person to sit in the Royal Experience is going to run nearly $250.00. We recommend either the Nutridge Luau or Aloha Kai Luau at Sea Life Park over this luau.

Paradise Cove Luau

There is a rumor that Paradise Cove Luau will be closing in 2023 due to a lease agreement. The rumor is there will be condos built in its location. Due to this reason We will not review this luau.


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