Oahu Luaus at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Oahu Luaus at the Polynesian Cultural Center

With so many Oahu luau options for you to choose from, you might need a little help deciding which is the best option for you. Each luau is special and puts its own touch on an authentic Hawaiian Luau, offering you the chance to experience something different with each luau. One of the luaus that truly sets itself apart is the Polynesian Cultural Center luau, one of the most complete luaus and activities in Hawaii, providing an experience that offers incredible insight into the culture of Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands.

Located on Oahu’s North Shore in the quaint town of La’ie, the Polynesian Cultural Center is more than just a luau, it’s an entire park that is dedicated to the culture of the Polynesian Islands. Visitors enjoy an entire day immersed in fun activities, games, culture, cuisine, and island life, learning about the history of the islands while taking part in customary activities of each island. During a day at the center, you’ll discover the way of life in each village, spending time at each and learning all about the unique customs and traditions that have been part of the way of life since the earliest days of settlement in Hawaii.

It’s the traditions of the islands that have always made Hawaii so special, and seeing the origins really brings everything full circle. From New Zealand to Samoa, aspects of everyday life date all the way back to ancient Hawaii. Keeping these alive is vital to the preservation of island culture, and the Polynesian Cultural Center does a remarkable job of sharing the importance of Hawaii’s heritage.

Following your day at the center, once the luau kicks off, you are in for a real treat. The Polynesian Cultural Center does a luau just a little bit differently, and the experience is certainly one of the most impressive. This luau includes a delicious all you can eat buffet and the Polynesian Cultural Center buffet is one that is consistently recognized for its variety, authenticity, and taste. These dishes are right out of the earliest days of ancient Hawaii, with modern flare that will have you heading back for more. The thrilling show brings to close the luau, featuring over 100 performers and sharing a fascinating story through music, dance, and captivating fire knife performances that will have you on the edge of your seat. This show has it all and a day and night spent at the Polynesian Cultural Center will be a day well spent during your trip.

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