A Day on Oahu – Pearl Harbor and an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

A Day on Oahu – Pearl Harbor and an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

The island of Oahu features so many great things to do, amazing scenery, top-notch attractions and destinations, and more history than you can imagine. All of these things are a part of the Hawaiian experience, and when you are visiting any island, you can truly create an experience of treasured memories that will have you wanting to return to the islands over and over again. And for all that there is to do on Oahu, there are two activities that stick out above all others: Pearl Harbor and an authentic Hawaiian Luau.

Pearl Harbor is easily one of the most important destinations in Hawaii. Dating back to the earliest days of inhabitance of the island, Pearl Harbor has long been a part of the day-to-day life of Oahu. Through the years, the usage has changed quite drastically, from the earliest days when pearls were harvested from its waters to today, as one of the most historic Naval bases in the world. Of course, it is most famous for the tragic attacks that struck the island on December 7, 1941, resulting in the United States entrance into World War II. Now, the site is the most visited destination in Hawaii, bringing visitors from around the world to reflect and remember the tragedy that struck the island.

At an authentic Hawaiian luau, the entire evening is the star of the show, beginning as soon as you arrive, continuing through the delicious dinner buffet, and concluding with the captivating performance that will have you either on the edge of your seat, or dancing in the aisle. There is nothing like a luau, and attendance is almost mandatory for a trip to the island, as this an evening that you will not want to miss.

When you are creating your vacation itinerary, you will want to maximize your time, and you can really get the most our of one day by heading to Pearl Harbor in the early morning hours for a visit to the museums and memorials found here, and finishing off the day with an authentic Hawaiian luau. Though this creates somewhat of a long day, you can pick and choose the museums to visit at Pearl Harbor and take in the history and sites before heading back to your hotel for a chance to recharge and freshen up, then heading for one of Oahu’s luaus at night. There is plenty of time in the day, and the more that you can do, the more memorable your time on Oahu will be.

Each of these activities help to make your time the best that it can be, and no matter if it's your first time to the island, or you’re making a return visit, there is bound to be something new for you to enjoy.

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