Oahu Luaus – Royal Hawaiian Luau

Think about all the times one of your favorite television shows or movies has been set in Hawaii, or a scene was set here, depicting the characters taking a vacation and enjoying a luxurious getaway. In most scenes, the show moves to a luau, showing off the tropical scenery and highlighting the features of an authentic luau, complete with hula and Hawaiian music, a great meal, and always a stunning shot of the ocean. While some luaus take place beachside, not all of them do, but the Royal Hawaiian Luau does and is located right in the heart of Waikiki Beach.

Of all of the hotels that are located throughout Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian is the most notable, and always has been. The pink exterior is hard to miss, and the notable color lends itself to the hotel’s nickname – the Pink Palace of the Pacific. The hotel was one of the very first to be constructed along the beach and even today is recognized as one of the most luxurious. It has hosted many notable guests, including world dignitaries, celebrities, and guests from around the world.

Whether you are staying at the hotel or not, the hotel is a sight to see and visit, and one of the best options for hanging out at the Royal Hawaiian is by taking in the famous Aha’aina – Royal Hawaiian Luau. With the beach a short distance away, burning tiki torches, festive performers, and a buffet filled with island favorites, this luau is worthy of being that famous luau that you’d see on TV. And if you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you might remember a great episode that featured the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the Royal Hawaiian Luau as a big part of an episode. If it wasn’t enough to feature the hotel in a show, they made the hotel and luau a focal point of the storyline. That’s when you know that this is a must during your trip.

The luau is a great experience for all ages and depicts the ancient Hawaiian feast known as Aina’haina, a royal feast that celebrates important guests. Traditionally, food was prepared for 3 days prior to the celebration! While it doesn't take that long to prepare food today, the food is quite delicious and might seem like it took that long. And while the food is definitely one of the stars of the luau, the performances and activities, cultural presentations, and setting make this luau something very special, and an evening that you do not want to miss.

When you are choosing a luau, make sure you consider all of the features of a luau before making a choice The Royal Hawaiian Luau is as authentic to Hawaii as the ocean and the sand, and is a great option for all ages.

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