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Romantic Activities for Your Oahu Honeymoon

Adding a dash of romance to your Oahu honeymoon is a piece of cake. Oahu, and Hawaii in general, screams romance, and throughout your getaway as a newly married couple, you will be immersed in the things that bring you close together, building a vacation that is filled with memories while enjoying a trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Whether you’re dining on the lanai of a restaurant along Waikiki Beach, or are out to sea on a romantic sailing excursion, you’re going to find the spark with that special someone, setting the tone for your new life together.

There really is a lot to do on Oahu, including free things that take a few minutes to structured tours and activities that last for part of the day, or for the entire day. Your Oahu honeymoon can be anything that you desire, and we hope that you will be able to take full advantage of everything the island has to offer during your retreat.

Romantic activities for your Oahu honeymoon:
Authentic Oahu Luaus
What’s not to love about an authentic luau on Oahu? There are fun games and activities, drinks, traditional greetings, a captivating show, and of course a luau feast. All that, plus you’re able to enjoy an evening beneath the stars with your newly minted partner for life. What could be better?

Romantic stroll on the beach
The best part about traveling is getting to experience a new place, or a return visit to a place, with someone special. Memories are created each and every day in Hawaii and pretty much anything that you do can be one of the most memorable moments. The beach is a natural romantic setting, and a nice stroll on the beach at sunset, or after dark, is sure to ignite a little something.

Add a dash of magic to your romance with a setting sun, elevating any experience and bringing you a bit closer to each other. Head out to sea on a booze cruise, sunset dinner cruise, watch the sunset for the lanai of your hotel or the beach, or enjoy a meal and cocktails from the outdoor seating area of a restaurant. You’re going to love the colors that fill the sky and the stunning imagery of a famous Hawaiian sunset.

Dinner beneath the stars
Take a page out of a movie and enjoy a romantic dinner beneath the stars during your Oahu honeymoon. Perhaps this night, you get a little dressed up and choose a restaurant to your liking, living in the moment and taking your time to soak up the most romantic evening of your honeymoon. Follow up dinner with the romantic stroll on the beach, and your honeymoon will be everything you’ve desired.

Due to the high volume of visitors traveling to Hawaii year round, our Hawaii tours and activities sell out quickly. In many cases, tours sell out weeks or months in advance. To ensure your spots on tour, we recommend reserving your tours today. Call our office or book online to take advantage of our low price guarantee today.