Exploring Oahu

Believe it or not, we’ve met visitors to Hawaii that spend most of their time at their resort or hotel. Granted, some of the resorts in Hawaii are very nice and offer a host of amenities that make visiting a luxury, but there is so much to see outside of the grounds that missing out on the sites of the island is a tragedy. Exploring Oahu is an adventure in itself, and the sites and sounds of the island help to make a vacation. While most visitors typically plan a few fun activities for their trip, an exploration of the island is one that is the most highly recommended.

One of the best activities for everyone to attend is a luau on Oahu, we all know that, so on a day that is not already committed to a fun activity, head out on a fun adventure that will show you the top sites on the island, and you’ll hear a great narration of the sites and the history of the island while discovering great places to return to later. What are some of the highlights of an exploration of Oahu? Let’s find out!

North Shore
Oahu’s North Shore is famous for a few reasons, most notably the surf beaches that line the coast and the easy going and laid back environment that the towns are famous for.

Lookout Points
All around Hawaii, on every island, scenic lookout points can be found that offer unmatched views of the island. Oahu offers views that you will not believe, and during a trip around Oahu, you will see places like the Pali Lookout, Makapu’u Lookout, and Halona Blowhole Lookout to name a few.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches
This is what everyone comes for and we know this is what you want to see. From the North Shore to the South Shore, along the Windward Coast and to the Leeward Coast, there are many famous beaches on the island. Waimea Bay, Waikiki Beach, and Kailua Beach are just some of the beaches on the island that offer the perfect place to sit and unwind.

Hidden Sites
The best part of Hawaii might be what you cannot see. While out and about on Oahu, the hidden features of the island begin to reveal itself. Sites like hidden waterfalls are found, hidden beaches, and dazzling sites like the Halona Blowhole are among the places that are easy to find but take a bit of planning to find.

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