An Evening at an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

As traditional as anything in Hawaii, an authentic luau is a big even for a vacation to the islands. No matter where you are visiting, you will surely be heading for a luau during your stay, and we want to make sure that you get the perfect luau for your group. With so many choices, selecting your authentic Hawaiian luau can be a tough decision, and we want to help you make the choice that is perfect for you and your entire party.

The importance of a luau to the culture of Hawaii should not be understated. These celebrations date back to the earliest days of inhabiting the islands. Ocean voyagers brought the traditions of the luau with them when they departed from the islands of Polynesia, and those very same traditions continue today at a variety of luaus throughout the islands. Some feature more than others, but the spirit of the luau is front and center at any of the great options around Hawaii.

Authentic Hawaiian Luaus feature activities, a delicious feast fit for royalty, live music, dancing, and entertainment, and is always at a beautiful setting. With the ocean in close proximity, the backdrop could not be better, and once the sun begins to set, the entire evening begins to take shape. Following the traditional greeting with a lei, you are able to wander around the luau grounds checking out the stunning scenery, perhaps grabbing a refreshing cocktail, and finding your seats once the luau officially begins. The feast is set and once you hit the line, you will have so many choices, that you might grab 2 plates! Don’t worry, this is common, and with such a selection of island cuisine, you may need another trip.

Once dinner is over, the fun really starts. Musicians and dancers hit the stage for the grand finale of the evening: traditional performances that have been passed down through generations. Dancers move effortlessly to the music, taking you on a journey through Hawaii’s history and sharing stories of the islands. The songs and dances tell a story, sharing the heritage of the island’s and important moments in time that have helped to shape the Hawaii that we know and love today. 

With all that takes place at an authentic Hawaiian Luau, this really is a can’t miss activity during your visit to Hawaii. Which part of the luau are you most looking forward to?

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