Oahu’s Best Beaches

When you visit Oahu, you are going to be looking for the best beaches to spend your days. The good news for you is that there are beaches scattered all over the island that offer the perfect place to rest up and soak in the sun’s rays. Spending a day at the beach is one of the top activities on the island, and is the perfect predecessor to your Oahu luau, allowing you to save your energy for the evening’s festivities.

On every part of the island, there are beaches that seem too beautiful to be true, and when you dig your toes into the sand and stare in amazement at the stunning blue water and the natural surroundings, you will feel like you’re in a picture. Here are some of our favorites that you will have to pay a visit to during your trip.

Oahu’s Best Beaches

Waikiki Beach
If you are staying along Waikiki Beach, you will become very familiar with this stretch of sand. The gentle waves are perfect for all ages and there is plenty of sand to find a great spot. If you choose to stick close to one of the many resorts along the beach, you will have top-notch amenities just a short distance away, and if you are attending the Waikiki Starlight Luau, you will be able to hang out on the beach for a bit longer.

North Shore Beaches
The fabled North Shore is the place where the biggest surf competitions take place, and many visitors choose to at least stop by these beaches if they are driving to their North Shore luau. During the winter, the waves are huge, and during the summer, the calm waters are so peaceful and the place to spend some time relaxing. Head to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau after a stop at Sunset Beach, or enjoy the Toa Luau at Waimea Valley, which is right next to Waimea Bay.

Ko’olina Beach
Visitors that head up to the west side of the island are met with remote beauty a Germaine’s Luau. Germaine’s is as much of a staple on this part of the island as the sand and water, and not very far away from Ko’olna Beach, the western shores answer to Waikiki. Gentle waves and man made coves are the perfect place for families to relax before their luau, and if you are staying on this part of the island, you won’t have too far to go for the Germaine’s “Too Good to Miss” Luau.

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