Hawaii Luaus – All You Can Eat Buffet

Everyone knows that there are 3 great parts of an authentic Hawaiian luau. First, there is the amazing performances by the dancers. Effortlessly swaying along to the music, telling a captivating story through movement. Next, is the music itself. Drawing inspiration from the islands of Polynesia and many years of musical influence. Finally, the food, easily the star of the show and everyone’s favorite aspect of an authentic Hawaiian luau.

Each luau offers visitors to the chance to sample the fine foods of the islands, with freshly prepared food and refreshments that go into making the luau an incredible event during any vacation. Taking elements from many years of the island’s favorites and technique both new and old, a luau menu is crafted with delicious dishes and selections that create a menu that will have you heading back to the buffet line for seconds…and maybe thirds.

Though each luau is different and features its own spin on food, there are a number of dishes that can be found on just about any menu. Preparation of each dish varies with the cooks, though the heart of the dish remains in any luau. There are a handful of staple menu items that you can typically count on during your luau feast, and each and every dish is synonymous with an authentic Hawaiian luau:

  • Kalua Pork – the biggest dish for any luau, Kalua Pork is cooked in an underground oven called an Imu, lined with banana leaves and cooked for many hours to create a succulent main course.
  • Lomi Lomi Salmon – more of a side dish, lomi lomi salmon has been around for many years in Hawaii and is always a go to for a luau. Served cold, raw salmon is massaged with seasoning and combined with fresh cucumber, onion, and tomato and seasoned with salt and often red pepper flakes.
  • Poi – the most traditional dish that is served at a luau, poi dates back to the days of ancient Hawaii and is created by steaming the taro root and smashing root into a paste, combing with water to reach the desired consistency.

Other dishes:

  • Fresh island veggies
  • Locally caught fresh fish
  • Haupia pudding
  • Macaroni salad

You are going to love the food that is served at a luau and it perfectly complements the entire evening. There is no better way to spend a night, dining beneath the stars and enjoying the cool weather that comes with nightfall. The menu features so many great dishes, and most luaus also feature a full selection of tropical drinks and cocktails.

Due to the high volume of visitors traveling to Hawaii year round, our Oahu Luaus sell out quickly. In many cases, tours sell out weeks or months in advance. To ensure your spots on tour, we recommend reserving your tours today. Call our office or book online to take advantage of our low price guarantee today.