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A Day on Oahu – Pearl Harbor and an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

The island of Oahu features so many great things to do, amazing scenery, top-notch attractions and destinations, and more history than you can imagine. All of these things are a part of the Hawaiian experience, and when you are visiting any island, you can truly create an experience of treasured memories that will have you wanting to return to the islands over and over again.

Germaine’s Too Good To Miss Luau

For as long as visitors have been traveling to Hawaii, they’ve been attending luaus. These celebrations are easily the most authentic activity to the islands, challenged only by surfing, and even then, an authentic Hawaiian luau gets the edge.

Hawaiian Luau Vocabulary

When you attend an authentic Hawaiian Luau, it is more than just showing up and enjoying the scenery, the food, and the entertainment. A luau is an immersion in Hawaiian culture, and this experience dates all the way back to the days of ancient Hawaii, with many of the same traditions of the luau still in place today.

Free Things to Do on Oahu

Oahu is a place with endless possibility and the more time that you spend discovering the island, the more you will see why the island is such a popular destination to visit. During your stay, you will have plenty of time spent on an organized tour of Oahu, or an activity that takes you to far off places around the island.

An Evening at an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

As traditional as anything in Hawaii, an authentic luau is a big even for a vacation to the islands. No matter where you are visiting, you will surely be heading for a luau during your stay, and we want to make sure that you get the perfect luau for your group.

30 Sites to See on Oahu

Oahu – one of the most incredible islands in the world; a place with centuries of history, and amazing natural beauty. It has been visited by millions of travelers a year for as long as anyone can remember, and the island manages to keep getting better and better.

Learn the History of Polynesia at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Perhaps the most important part of Hawaii is the history and culture that is prevalent throughout the islands. Sure, the oceans are downright incredible and the mountains are filled with mystery and fun, but the long and storied history of the islands, couple with the cultural significance of everything in Hawaii.

Oahu’s Top Luaus - Chief’s Luau at Wet N’ Wild Hawaii

There are those activities that you take part in that you walk away from and cannot believe the amazing time that you just had. The first time you skydive or head into the depths for scuba diving tend to have that reaction, but it isn’t limited to just adventure and exploration.

Oahu’s Top Attractions – La’ie Point

When you visit a place like Oahu, you quickly discover that there are so many amazing sites, and visiting them all is nearly impossible. Sure, you can extend your vacation, or make a return visit, but if you are here for only a short period of time, you are going to want to see as much as you can, even if it means only spending a little bit of time somewhere.

Traditional Luau Foods

If you’ve ever been to an authentic luau while visiting Hawaii, you can expect there to be a few things at each. The first is the beautiful setting. Next, you can guarantee that there will be great entertainment for the evening, and maybe even a few pre-luau activities.

Discovering Oahu

Of all the destinations in the world, including the various places to visit within Hawaii, Oahu remains as one of the most sought after locations in the world, combining the busy city with a secluded island for an environment that is tough to match.

Winter Travel Tips for Your Oahu Vacation

With the bitter winter now upon us, those who will be traveling to the Hawaiian Islands over the next few months are in a bit of a predicament. Travelers from cold places will depart wearing their warmest clothes, and arrive to paradise with way too many layers.

Attractions on Oahu

After you’ve reserved your Oahu Luau, you’re going to be looking for additional things to do for your vacation to Oahu. Luckily for you, the island is packed full of great activities, tours, sightseeing, attractions, and tropical destinations that will blow your mind.

Essential Facts to Know About Hawaii

It is quite common for a visit to any Hawaiian Island to ignite an obsession with the isolate islands way out in the Pacific, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Hawaii is an incredible place and is one of those places that you cannot get out of your head.

Creating an Experience on Oahu

Visiting Oahu always makes for a great experience and whether this is your first trip or you are returning to the island, you are able to create a unique experience that will match the expectations for your dream vacation. The island offers so much, from popular tours and activities to some of the most naturally beautiful sites you will ever witness.

Dressing for a Hawaiian Luau

Getting dressed for a day in Hawaii is rather simple. Because of the year round perfect weather and the bright shining sun, there really aren’t too many options, and you are able to stick to handful of style choices.

Planning a Vacation to Oahu

The time is just about here. Instead of sitting around waiting for your vacation to start, you will be on your vacation, heading to the island of Oahu for a great time, plenty of rest and relaxation, and a trip that you’ve been dreaming of.

Learning All About the Islands of Polynesia

One of the things about Hawaii that is the most important is the influence of the culture and history, dating all the way back to the earliest voyagers that arrived to Hawaii, and remaining today.

5 Things You’ll Find at a Hawaiian Luau

When you begin planning your vacation, one of the first things you will look into is a luau. There is nothing that compares to the fun and excitement of an evening under the stars, with impressive entertainment, fun, activities, and a great feast.

Planning Your Visit to an Authentic Luau on Oahu

Luaus are most well-known for the non-stop fun, captivating atmosphere, thrilling performances, and the delicious buffet that precedes the evening’s entertainment.

North Shore Oahu Luaus

Hawaii’s authentic luaus are famous around the world, and visitors to the islands know that while vacationing on any island, a luau is an activity that you have to do. It’s a ritual of sorts for visitors to spend an evening beneath the stars, with a traditional Polynesian celebration taking place.

Luau Entertainment and Performances

IIf you have ever been to an authentic Hawaiian Luau, you know how much fun they are. There is just something so special about an evening beneath the stars, watching in amazement at the live musicians and performers dazzling with expertise in many different styles of music, dance, and entertainment.

Waikiki Luaus on Oahu

When picking the luau that you will attend for your vacation, it is important that you have all of the information and details of the luau, so that you know exactly what you are in for. Maybe not a play-by-play of the actual luau, but more having to do with the menu (in case of any food allergies), hotel pick up and return location, and the times that you will depart and return.

Hawaii Luaus – All You Can Eat Buffet

Most visitors that travel to the Hawaiian Islands head to the island of Everyone knows that there are 3 great parts of an authentic Hawaiian luau. First, there is the amazing performances by the dancers. Effortlessly swaying along to the music, telling a captivating story through movement. Next, is the music itself. Drawing inspiration from the islands of Polynesia and many years of musical influence.

Oahu Fun Facts and Information

Most visitors that travel to the Hawaiian Islands head to the island of Oahu, the most populated island and easily the most visited. With plenty to do and see, Oahu is a traveler’s dream, with access to beaches, shopping, restaurants and plenty of activities to choose from.

Oahu Luaus – Royal Hawaiian Luau

Think about all the times one of your favorite television shows or movies has been set in Hawaii, or a scene was set here, depicting the characters taking a vacation and enjoying a luxurious getaway.

Oahu Luaus – Diamond Head Luau

Luaus in Hawaii are as traditional as the sunshine, and while you’re visiting the islands, a luau is a must. Spending the evening beneath the stars, surrounded by friends, and enjoying the festivities is so much fun, and always a great activity for all ages. The dancing, singing, great food, and captivating performance are included with every luau and this is guaranteed to be one of the best things that you do on Oahu.

3 Hawaii Activities for Your Trip to Oahu

Creating an authentic Hawaiian experience is important for your vacation and is well within reach with all of the great Hawaii activities that are available. Oahu features so many incredible things to do, from historic tours and sightseeing to adventures and ocean activities, and any of these great options will help to make a vacation that any visitor will cherish.

Chief’s Luau

Your experience in Hawaii is not fully complete until you’ve had the opportunity to go to a luau. Then when you come to Hawaii you may wonder which one should I choose.

Oahu Luaus – Toa Luau at Waimea Valley

There are so many luau options on Oahu, and if you’re considering any of them, figuring out what each offers your party and what sets it apart is always tough to determine. Every luau is unique, and offers attendees something that makes it special. Whether it's the setting, the entertainment, or the food, each and every luau is worth considering and would be a special time during your trip.

Discount Luaus on Oahu

The idea of a party in Hawaii goes way beyond getting together with friends and family and throwing some food on the grill. In Hawaii, an outdoor get together is a big deal and always consists of music, a few drinks, and a celebration. Even if that celebration is just being together.

Germaine’s Luau – Too Good to Miss

Enjoy the rich culture and the heritage of the Polynesian Islands at one of the oldest luaus in Hawaii – Germaine’s Luau. This fun filled luau is a backyard style luau, taking place on Oahu’s west coast and set right against the ocean, bringing to life the traditions of ancient Hawaii, with dazzling live performances and a feast of local favorites that all go in to making the luau the best that it can be.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Each luau is unique in its own right and offers something that is a little bit different, offering its own flare and fun that sets it apart. One of the luaus that truly sets itself apart is the Polynesian Cultural Center luau, one of the most complete luaus in Hawaii, providing an entire experience that offers incredible insight into the culture of the Hawaiian Islands.

What to Expect at Your Oahu Luau

When you think about Hawaii and the great activities that are available, a luau is at the top of the list. Known for the non-stop fun and entertainment, an authentic Hawaiian luau will be one of the activities that you most look forward to during your visit to Oahu.

Oahu Luaus

While visiting Hawaii, there is one thing that you HAVE to do: attend an authentic Hawaiian Luau. Not only are Luaus a load of fun and great for all ages, they’re the official Hawaiian party.

Styles of Hula Dancing

Accompanied by chant or song which preserves oral history, the Hula is distinctly Hawaiian. Hawaiian legends tell stories of hula beginning on the islands of Molokai and Kauai.

Oahu Luaus

There’s no greater Hawaiian experience then joining in on a traditional style luau. The luau is feast and entertainment spectacle which captivates people’s attention in the beauty of hula dancing, fire knife dancing, and Hawaiian cuisine.